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These days, more than ever, the benefits of school lockers are an essential part of school life, and can help teach many personal lessons to students, young or old.  If your recollection of student lockers are of free-standing, tatty, cheap lockers, with bent hinges and missing doors, then you are not alone.  Thankfully, these days there are quality designers, manufacturers and installers of durable school lockers out there who can add value to the school in more ways than one.

Lockers are a lesson in themselves, and are a valuable asset when bringing children up from infancy, right through to adolescence.  Students learn independence, self-esteem, communication skills, responsibility, health & safety, the value of money and personal possessions, organisational skills, and a sense of pride.

Benefits of School Lockers - ISA - Crown Sports Lockers
Benefits of School Lockers - Made in Britain - Crown Sports Lockers

Crown Sports Lockers for Schools

Crown Sports Lockers are the Gold Preferred Supplier for the ISA (Independent Schools Association) and provide wooden school lockers to independent schools, colleges and universities across the UK and overseas.  We can provide lockers from a standard design, or completely bespoke to your requirements, and all lockers are manufactured by our skilled team at our own factory to allow us to maintain our high-quality standards.  Premium-quality wooden lockers are our speciality, and have been for over 30 years.  Our lockers are strong enough for everyday use, and come complete with sturdy hinge mechanisms, mounted on cast plates with 2-way adjustments.

From the design stage, to the manufacturing and installation process, you are guaranteed a first-class service, with a Project Manager assigned to you throughout the process.  We employ our own installers, so your school lockers will always be securely fitted to a high specification.  You can choose from keeping the doors natural with woodgrain, or coloured to fit in with your school/college branding if desired, with a selection of finishes.

Benefits of School Lockers - Classroom - Crown Sports Lockers

What Are the Benefits of School Lockers Re. Life Skills?

One of the main reasons for education is to equip pupils/students with the skills to prepare them for life in the adult world.  “Isn’t that the parent’s job?” some may ask.  The answer is “Yes.”  However, whilst in school or an educational setting, teachers and headteachers are acting in ‘loco parentis.’  This means they have a legal responsibility to temporarily assume the role of the parents, and are trusted with teaching their children, caring for them and keeping them safe from harm.

When a child is given access to school lockers for personal use, you may be forgiven for thinking that they are simply cloakroom lockers.  School lockers can be made in various forms, and at Crown Sports Lockers we also produce various types of lockers, such as classroom lockers, gym lockers (& gym changing rooms – along with integral benches,) cloakroom lockers or staffroom lockers.

Benefits of School Lockers - Resources - Crown Sports Lockers

Lessons Children Can Learn By Having Their Own School Locker

Classroom Lockers, Cloakroom Lockers & Corridor Lockers

Lesson 1 covers independence and responsibility.  For the youngest of pupils, low level lockers for primary schools are a fantastic way of teaching them how to fetch resources without help from an adult, retrieving items from open lockers within the classroom.  They then learn how to be responsible for these resources, to look after them and return them independently, once they have finished using them.  A simple task you may think, but a 5-year-old learning to hang their coats and gym bags in cloakroom lockers is also a learning experience.  For older students, they learn how to be responsible for following their timetable, for looking after their textbooks/exercise books/belongings etc., and independently ensuring that they have the correct resources for the corresponding lessons when required.  They may also have house keys or mobile phones/tablets to be responsible for, which can be safely locked away for the day.

Benefits of School Lockers - Students - Crown Sports Lockers

A Wooden Locker of Their Own

Lesson 2 covers self-esteem and a sense of pride.  Some children may share bedrooms with siblings at home, and may not have much to call their own.  As they get older, something as little as having a wooden school locker assigned to them, can instil a sense of pride and give them a sense of self-esteem, knowing that they finally have a safe space to keep their belongings.  This can affect all age groups.

Lesson 3 covers communication and organisational skills.  When a pupil/student is at their locker, it is an ideal time for others to communicate with them.  For quiet, normally withdrawn students, this may help them to make friends and come out of their shell.  If a locker is untidy, it could make students late to lessons.  Keeping an organised locker will help when learning the importance of punctuality – which will be valuable in later life for both working and social situations.

Benefits of School Lockers - Security - Crown Sports Lockers

Secure School Lockers

Lesson 4 covers the value of money and personal possessions.  One of the benefits of school lockers, is that valuable items such as mobile phones, lunch money, bus passes, new coats, uniform, shoes, keys or even exercise/textbooks containing work for revision etc., can be locked away and kept safe during the day – helping to reduce anxiety.  This is very similar for teachers – as staffroom lockers provide the same secure environment where they can keep car keys, wallets/purses etc.

Lesson 5 covers health & safety.  Cluttered classrooms or corridors are a health & safety hazard and can lead to nasty accidents.  It can also affect concentration during lessons.  To avoid people getting hurt through tripping or things falling off shelves, putting belongings and resources away in lockers helps to not only teach organisational skills, but also how to look after the health of others.  This is an important skill if as adults, they move on to working in industries where potentially dangerous machinery requires clean surroundings.

Benefits of School Lockers - Locks - Crown Sports Lockers

Locks and Ancillary Items

At Crown Sports Lockers, we offer a range of locking mechanisms, including padlocks, digital keypads, combination locks, digital RFID locks and digital RFID networked locks.  

In conjunction with our wooden school lockers, we can also provide integrated locker bench seating and free-standing bench seating in a variety of finishes and colours.  Ancillary items such as extra shelving, hanging rails and in-locker device chargers are available on request.

Benefits of School Lockers - School Lockers - Crown Sports Lockers

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If after reading about the benefits of school lockers, you would like to contact us regarding quality wooden school lockers for your school or educational establishment, please call us on 01803 555885, or complete the contact form on our website.  If your school is lucky enough to have a swimming pool, we can manufacture swimming pool lockers.  We are experienced in football lockers/football changing rooms too!

Crown Sports Lockers are also leading manufacturers of Leisure Lockers; Golf Lockers; Hotel & Spa Lockers, Sports Club Lockers & Workplace / Office Lockers.