Wooden Lockers for Schools

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For over 30 years we have been supplying smart, quality wooden lockers for schools to the independent and private education sector. Designed in the UK, we can supply wooden lockers to primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Whatever your requirements, our school lockers are designed to accommodate every academic need. Our range of quality, wooden lockers are both functional, and smart, and are very resilient to everyday knocks. School lockers fulfil the storage requirements of any learning environment, from pre-school to university, and even evening classes. Whether you’re a small tuition company or a large private school, we can offer you a durable and high-quality solution that meets your needs. Offering secure and practical storage solutions for your education setting, our wooden school lockers take sophistication to a new level.

Private Schools Lockers for the New Term

Are your school lockers looking tired and old? Do they need a re-vamp? We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers to the private education sector. A storage locker, in any school or education setting, is one of the best facilities that a school could invest in for the students. It provides security and creates clutter-free surroundings – it is sure to be a beneficial investment. Available in a variety of finishes, our lockers for schools will integrate effortlessly into any educational setting. We can work around you, and can complete any installation during the school holidays.

What Are the Benefits of Wooden School Lockers?

Lockers are a convenient place for students to store their personal items, which may not be immediately required during the day. With the growing demand in technology, a school locker ensures that expensive and sentimental possessions are kept safe and secure. This takes the pressure off of the students to feel the need to supervise their belongings at all times. Lockers are becoming a far more regular sight in the education sector, within the UK. Where USB ports are installed in lockers, they are especially useful for charging items such as USM ports, tablets and phones etc.

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