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Apr 1, 2017

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Most of us can recall the chore of carrying bags, books, clothes and other paraphernalia around with us when locker doors were broken or hanging loose.

A space of their own

Whatever’s inside them, lockers present a pupil’s safe haven for all that stuff they would otherwise have to lug around with them through the day.

Some schools and academies enforce rigid codes of behaviour about how pupils manage their lockers, others are more relaxed in their approach.

“Pupils are pretty well-behaved generally,” says Adrian Charlesworth, Estates Officer at Nottingham High School. “Major issues with vandalism for example are very rare indeed.”

With 1,000 pupils aged 5 to 18, this private school has a large locker requirement across three floors – especially so in the last few years, Adrian explains: “We became co-educational in 2015 and have been refurbishing all the corridors with new carpeting, doors and suspended ceilings. Pupil lockers are all fitted in the corridors so it’s important they look the part.”

The school allocates year 7 and above their own locker, large enough to store books, bags, “sandwiches and drinks”. “’The lads’ main priority is they are big enough to hold a football and boots,” quips Adrian, “which they are, measuring 300mm x 400mm and 500mm deep.”

Gone are the days of the old freestanding steel lockers that the school’s maintenance team had to rivet to the walls themselves. “We choose light oak wooden ones now, most with shelving. Our supplier, Crown Sports Lockers, installs them to our specification – complete with skirting and end panels – which requires that there are no voids for crisp packets and drinks cans to fall into. The inclined top panels are inscribed into the corridor wall to ensure pupils cannot stack stuff on top of the lockers,” Adrian explains.

At the end of the spring term, pupils at Nottingham High School, have to clear their lockers and remove their padlocks, regardless of whether they will be using them in the next school year. “We need to do that so that the caretakers can check them for any damage,” Adrian adds. “Any padlocks still in place are chopped off and the contents sent to lost property.”

After several summers refurbishing and refitting its corridors, Nottingham High School has transformed its interiors, a key factor in portraying a quality image for present and prospective parents.

Adrian’s top tip:

“Ensure you choose a supplier, whose install team can run the project smoothly, efficiently and with minimum disruption. The one that’s fitted all our lockers in the last few years, Crown Sports Lockers, have been exceptional. Contractors come and go here daily so you soon gauge those who know what they’re doing.”

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