Why Choose Wooden School Lockers over Metal Alternatives?

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Wooden school lockers offer several advantages over their metal counterparts:

They are more heavy-duty

Metal lockers are easily dented, while wooden school lockers are naturally robust and able to store heavier items. They can also endure repeated slamming, which is inevitable in a school environment.

They do not deteriorate easily

Wooden school lockers are ideally suited to dry environments but can withstand modest levels of moisture, unlike metal lockers that tend to develop rust when exposed to weathering.

They don’t make awful noises

Metal school lockers tend to produce screeching sounds that can be a distraction to on-going classes. Wooden lockers on the other hand, produce minimal noise, promoting a more peaceful and settled environment.

They cast a more classic aesthetic

Unlike metal lockers, wooden lockers project a more sophisticated look that can improve the overall ambience. Wooden lockers can also be purchased in a variety of finishes to complement classrooms, corridors, staffrooms and changing rooms.

They promote health and wellbeing

Being surrounded by wood is proven to be beneficial; it is claimed that students experience reduced stress and lowered heart rates. Students are more socially interactive when they are in wooden furnished surroundings, compared with metal and plastic.

They have environmental benefits

Wood’s natural capability to store carbon can fight off climate change – wooden products are said to store carbon for life. So, the more wooden school lockers you install, the more likely you will reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere!

They are more flexible

Metal lockers tend to be mass produced and fixed as to their configurable options. Whereas wooden school lockers are fully configurable and are not fixed in their dimensions or options.

Choosing wooden school lockers over metal alternatives will guarantee an improved and more productive learning environment. Crown Sports Lockers offers high quality wooden school lockers with several options to choose from.