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At Crown Sports Lockers, we are pleased to be an ISBA (Independent Schools’ Bursars Association) Directory Partner for school lockers. Our installers regularly work within the educational environment.

Lockers for schools serve both a functional and practical use in secondary schools and academies. Often navigating large buildings and numerous staircases, students travel from class to class and therefore need to carry the necessary equipment and books with them throughout the day. Textbooks and exercise books, combined with sports kit and lunches etc., can take a toll on young people, causing back pain and possible tripping/falling on stairs. Wooden school lockers can help to avoid these issues, allowing students to securely store these items until required for specific lessons.

We design, manufacture and install quality, wooden school lockers to accommodate the needs of students, their clothing and equipment. A standard design is available, or we can design bespoke lockers to fulfil your requirements.

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Crown School Lockers

Wooden School Lockers

We are a ‘Made in Britain’ accredited company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. As we manufacture our lockers ‘in-house,’ we are always in control of the high standards and quality of our products. Lockers for schools can be designed in a range of finishes and colours, to either match your branding or to complement the walls – furnished with strong hinges, mounted on cast plates with 2-way adjustments and 2mm thick lock plates. Adjustable shelves can be inserted into lockers if required.

Security can be a major issue in schools, especially with the increase of expensive technology, such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops etc. Lockers can help by reducing incidents of theft and/or damage to personal property in addition to instilling a sense of responsibility and trust in students. The loss of exercise books and textbooks can have a damaging effect on a student’s education, in particular for those revising for essential examination periods. Our locker storage is the ideal solution.

Lockers for Schools - Nottingham Lockers - Crown School Lockers

Crown School Lockers

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